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5 Reasons I Still Stay in College

Image by  Pixabay .  My dislike for school started in middle school. I began refusing to go to school. I asked my father to accompany me to school (usually I went by bus alone) but refused to get down from the car after we arrived. I would lock myself inside my bedroom every morning. I throw tantrum and didn't eat anything for days. I didn't study at all. I let my grade drop because I convinced myself that I didn't care, that it didn't mean anything. I also cried a lot alone. In high school, while there were still days when I just didn't want to go to school, it was getting better. But I felt that I had lost some parts of myself since middle school. I stopped writing. I stopped enjoying life. I pretended to be okay while other people around probably could feel that I was not. Now in college, I stopped dreaming. I no longer believe in the future. I, to be honest, am afraid of the future, because I can't see myself there. I can't see myself s