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Terjemahan Lirik: TWICE - Perfect World

Perfect World adalah lagu pertama dari album Jepang TWICE dengan nama yang sama. Lagu ini berbicara tentang hubungan yang tidak sehat, perselingkuhan, dan perpisahan. Label Jepang TWICE, Warner Music Japan, merilis lagu ini pada 28 Juli 2021, dan dengan cepat lagu ini naik ke tangga musik populer Jepang.

Terjemahan Lirik: Jun.K - Love Letter (Japanese Version)

Love Letter adalah lagu utama dari mini album Jepang kedua Jun. K , Love Letter . Lagu ini juga dirilis di Korea dengan lirik yang sudah diterjemahkan. Label Jepang Jun. K, Epic Records Japan, merilis album pada 25 November 2015. Video musiknya awalnya dirilis pada hari yang sama, tetapi kemudian diunggah kembali pada 28 Mei 2020. Lagu ini ditulis oleh Jun. K, Shoko Fujibayashi, dan Super Changddai, menceritakan kisah cinta yang hampir terlupakan.

Terjemahan Lirik: AKB48 - Green Flash

Green Flash  merupakan single ke-39 yang dirilis grup idol Jepang, AKB48, pada 4 Maret 2015. Member Kojima Haruna dan Kashiwagi Yuki menjadi  center  untuk single satu ini. Judul lagu diambil dari fenomena  green flash  (cahaya hijau) yang, seperti telah disebutkan dalam liriknya, terjadi ketika matahari terbit atau terbenam. Jika dilihat menggunakan mata telanjang saat cahaya masih terang, warna hijau ini tidak bisa dilihat. Kemungkinan besar itulah alasan mengapa lagu ini juga merujuk pada pergantian generasi dalam AKB48.

Dr. Romantic: Doctor's Principles and Saving Lives as a Form of Revenge

  Due to the hospital prioritizing to treat a patient with higher social status, a boy from poor family lost his father. The bitterness from losing his father turned into ambition when a doctor reprimanded about his misdirected hatred.  “Isn’t the best revenge,” the doctor said, “is proving that you are not the same people as they are?” Holding onto those words, KANG DONG-JOO worked his ass off to become the top medicine student, enter the best hospital in the country, and get to be the best doctor anyone has ever seen. But the world is not that easy nor that kind. Due to his temper, less favourable background, and a certain lack of judgement, instead of becoming the best doctor, Dong-joo was kicked out to a countryside hospital that he had never heard of before: Doldam Hospital.  Located on the mountain with lack of proper facilities and workers, Dong-joo found himself in a predicament. He was determined to go back as soon as possible to his previous workplace, but Doldam Hospita

Ice Princess (2005): Of Pursuing a New Dream, Repairing Connections, and Taking the Wheel for Your Own Lives

Movie poster Ice Princess (2015). Nerdy Casey Carlyle has no dream of her own, but her mother has one. She wants Casey to get into Harvard and become a female scientist, breaking gender norm and proving to other people that girls are not all make up and flirting with boys. But then Casey gets an opportunity to train with Gen, a figure skating athlete who spends her whole life also trying to realize her mother's dream. Both girls are so different, but unexpectedly, they are also a lot more similar than they thought they were.  While Casey falls in love with figure skating and deals with her unsupportive mother, Gen is trying to stand up for herself and making a life of her own--one that doesn't include figure skating. Ice Princess  is a story of how dreams can both connect and break people's relationships. It is a heartfelt movie that tells us the story of friendship, perseverance, and the complicated bond of mother and daughter. I love how relatable the characters are.  Bot

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day: Gratitude, Positive Thinking, and Surrounding Yourself with Loved Ones

Alexander's family does not believe in bad days. They are convinced that every day has some good in it—all they have to do is to find it. Every night, while having dinner together, each of the family's members will share positive things that happened to them that day.  Unfortunately for Alex, he rarely has any to boast about. So on the night of his birthday, he makes a wish upon the candle, praying for his family to experience one terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. And when morning comes, his wish comes true. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is a family comedy movie that I watched in one of my insomnia-filled nights.  The story is very light-hearted and uplifting as Alexander's family gives their best effort to support each other even amidst the chaos that Alexander's wish brings upon them.  From the baby seemingly ruins the father's job interview, the mother's not-going-according-to-plan company event, the brother getting dum