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Review Movie: BAKUMAN.

I've been a fan of DEATH NOTE since middle school, and when I knew Ohba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi had made  another series together, I had meant to check it out.  And so I did.  I finished reading all volumes of BAKUMAN  in high school and since then have re-read the series time to time. I really love it.  I decided not to watch the anime (well, actually I did watch the first couple episodes, but then dropped it halfway through because I personally like the manga better), but when it was announced that there would be a live action adaptation of BAKUMAN, with one of my favourite actor starring in it, I knew I couldn't pass that one. Before writing this blog entry, I have watched the BAKUMAN live action twice. I watched it for the third time to make sure that I still remember all the interesting things. BAKUMAN is a story about two high school students, Mashiro and Takagi. Mashiro's uncle had been a mangaka (manga writer), but died from