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Dr. Romantic: Doctor's Principles and Saving Lives as a Form of Revenge

  Due to the hospital prioritizing to treat a patient with higher social status, a boy from poor family lost his father. The bitterness from losing his father turned into ambition when a doctor reprimanded about his misdirected hatred.  “Isn’t the best revenge,” the doctor said, “is proving that you are not the same people as they are?” Holding onto those words, KANG DONG-JOO worked his ass off to become the top medicine student, enter the best hospital in the country, and get to be the best doctor anyone has ever seen. But the world is not that easy nor that kind. Due to his temper, less favourable background, and a certain lack of judgement, instead of becoming the best doctor, Dong-joo was kicked out to a countryside hospital that he had never heard of before: Doldam Hospital.  Located on the mountain with lack of proper facilities and workers, Dong-joo found himself in a predicament. He was determined to go back as soon as possible to his previous workplace, but Doldam Hospita